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EirHorse E Liquid

EirHorse has a new series of Liquids from its own home. The EirHorse Premium Liquid. I've tested two of them on consistency and taste. So much in advance, the Liquids have a very good quality, only the right taste you have to find. But, as is well known, there is a dispute about taste.

EirHorse E Liquid

E Liquid EiRhorseE Liquid EiRhorsePremium Liquid Watermelon 6mg / ml:

EirHorse Watermelon This liquid was very much for me. The aroma really corresponds to a real, ripe and fresh watermelon. Although I am not a fanatic for melons, I felt it very tasty. Even after prolonged steaming, the gentle taste remains on the palate. With many liquids, the taste lessenes during prolonged use, as the taste buds get used to it. With this liquid, however, one has its continuous enjoyment.

E Liquid Strong Mint 11mg / ml:

EirHorse Strong Mint was unfortunately not my favorite. The mentol content was quite high. In addition, you tasted no mentor with no menthol. If Mentol with a tint of mint likes, this liquid can still try without hesitation. Quality, steam behavior as well as consistency are immaculate. If you are sensitive to Mentol, you should try out the right Strong Mint which is also available at EirHorse.

Further information:

The bottles are sealed with a PE-foil on the outside and therefore remain fresh for as long as they are still unopened. On the back of the package is a content, on the page yet another print with the standard warnings. As with most liquids, the content consists mainly of PG, with a smaller proportion of VG to promote the development of steam. Other ingredients are water and aromas.

EirHorse E Liquid


With these liquids one can only interfere with the choice of the flavors. Otherwise, these liquids are exterior as well as inside "premium". I can only recommend testing them myself.


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