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E-Cigarettes - a sensible alternative?



E shop. In 2016, almost 170 thousand people in Ireland spent smoking in filter cigarettes. Despite rising tobacco prices and numerous campaigns against smoking, the figures in recent years have not declined significantly. Anyone who has started smoking has a hard time coming back from it. After all, the handle for the cigarette fulfills the same purpose. Often the social component plays an important role. Already young people are confronted with this phenomenon in leisure time: starting friends to smoke, one is considered uncool if one does not start with it. Even in work, smokers are often a separate clique. Spend the breaks together in the open air or in the smoking room. In the evening you can go to the cocktail or cool beer and the cigarette

Switch to e-cigarette an alternative?

Many smokers try in vain to renounce the smoke with nicotine-containing chewing gums or plasters. But these aids do not serve the same purpose. Long-standing smokers are used to having something in their hands at all times. They take a cigarette when they are stressed or want to relax in the evening. An e-cigarette can make the entry into the non-smoking life easier. Finally, one inhales and also does not have to do without nicotine immediately. At EirHorse there are different liquids for evaporation. Thus, as with genuine tobacco, mild or stronger varieties can be obtained. In addition, fluids are available which are mixed with different flavors. For example, you can order refills with apple or strawberry flavor.


Why should you change - health aspects?


Although the vapors of an e-cigarette also contain nicotine, much less harmful substances are released than with conventional tobacco. This benefits the following health benefits:


  • The typical smoker coughs
  • The risk of lung disease decreases
  • Mouth odor disappears
  • Better breath
  • More air in sports


The big advantage with e-vapor is that you can gradually reduce the nicotine content. There are even liquids without nicotine. These refills have the least health effect. One then inhales almost only aroma, but without harmful nicotine. A great alternative for people who value the improvement of their health, but can not or would not want to abstain from inhaling smoke.


Other advantages of e-cigarette

However, switching to e-cigarettes does not only bring about the aforementioned health benefits. In addition, you save money. Cigarette prices have risen steadily in recent years. Hardly anyone who is dependent on tobacco can be deterred. When switching to the e-cigarette saves money. You have to invest a little in the purchase of the device. An e-cigarette consists of a liquid tank and the battery. The modern devices can be charged with a USB cable on many devices such as the PC or laptop. In addition, there are power plugs, which can be connected directly to the socket. So you do not need batteries for the operation of the e-cigarette, which protects the environment in the long term. In addition, e-cigarettes produce almost no garbage. You do not throw away any tipping and can always replenish the e-cigarette. There is a large selection of fluids for evaporation. With a bottle of the refill liquid you get by the way, as with 20 to 25 cigarettes. In comparison, the refill packs are really favorable. In addition to that, one can hardly harm the environment and the fellow human beings with smoking of e-cigarettes. No toxins such as tar or carbon monoxide are emitted. The point of passive smoking is often discussed in the media. Anyone switching to an e-cigarette has an advantage in this respect as well. Because of the small electrical equipment, hardly any harmful fumes are expelled for the fellow human beings.



E-Cigarettes are a cheap and healthier variant to traditional cigarettes. One comes with the refill packs relatively long, spares the environment and harms the health significantly less than with the smoking of conventional cigarette