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E-cigarette sales are increasing enormously!

It may not be unchallenged, but the success is its right: the e cig comes - and indeed powerful. If the sales generated by the electronic vaporizers were still around 100 million euros in 2011, it was already 400 million euros in 2016. The latest sales figures over the last few years show that this development is by no means stagnating. On the contrary, the trend is "steam".

The FAZ and Statista had published a corresponding sales graph entitled "The rise of the e vaping", which shows that the turnover has increased by a full 400 percent in half a decade. This development does not seem to change in the current year 2017 either. Good news for vapers - and for nicotine consumers, who want to get rid of the conventional tobacco smoke by e-cigarette.

Do not vaping or enter

Water on the mills for all those who for years have praised the advantages of the e pen against conventional tobacco products and the warnings of possible health risks by steaming more and more conclusive arguments and studies. Thus the former so-called "Gateway -hypothesis ", which had designated e-cigarettes as a" starter "for real smoking. Studies also showed that the nicotine in the e-cigarettes does not cause cancer. According to investigations from the UK, the electronic cigarette is far less harmful than conventional tobacco products, "vapers" are significantly less contaminated with toxic and carcinogenic substances. 12,000 death victims still demand the conventional smoking every year in Ireland alone - but the trend goes to the electronic cigarette. It should be examined by the policy as a "possible alternative to the improvement of the current situation" according to the working group health insurance.