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E-Cigarette - impact new tobacco directive


Vaping of e cig and users of e-liquid have to get used to.

On May 20, 2017, the tobacco legislation and the tobacco ordinance regulation of 20.05.2016 are implemented according to the result of the EU guidelines from the tobacco directive. The tobacco directive is: TPD2 of April 2014. This ends the one-year transitional period granted on May 20,

This means in detail:

  •     The liquid that evaporates in e vapor may only contain 20 mg nicotine per ml.
  •     All ingredients and high purity must be demonstrated.
  •     The liquid units for e-cigarettes may only be sold in 10 ml units.
  •     Additions that suggest a (supposed) benefit to smokers and smokers are then forbidden. This prohibition also applies to additives such as caffeine or taurine, which cover the smell or intensity of smoking.
  •     In order to prevent spills during refilling, not only the e-starter kits but also the refill bottles have to have a suitable mechanism.
  •     All E-Liquid bottles and e-cigarettes must be child-safe from 20.05.2017 onwards.
  •     Package leaflets in German, which fully indicated the dangers and risks, must be enclosed with all e-cigarettes and E-Liquids as soon as they go on sale. This includes evidence relating to a search-producing effect and information on ingredients and toxicological studies.
  •     For the Irish market, the instruction manual must be written in Irish.
  •     The Irish manufacturer or importer must be marked on the outer packaging.
  •     For e-cigarettes, an advertising ban will apply from this date.
  •     Six months before its launch, e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be registered and registered by the importer or manufacturer by means of extensive documentation.
  •     The cross-border distance sales must be applied for and registered.

In addition, the production of menthol cigarettes will soon be prohibited. However, these may be sold until the year 2020.

The Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg explains, in line with the topic, that the additives in the liquid solutions can potentially be just as carcinogenic as "normal" cigarettes. In some cases even more carcinogenic aldehydes could be released in e-cigarettes.

In principle at least one regulation is to be welcomed with regard to the quality of the liquid. It is precisely here that steamers have to ensure that the liquids do not contain any substances that are seriously harmful to health