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E-cigarettes boom



Studies are disagreeing about the safety of electronic cigarettes. That does not detract from the popularity of the steamers, as our infographic shows.
Statistics of the week: E-cigarettes boom

More and more people in Ireland are smoking e-cigarettes. According to e cigarettes trade (VdeH), the number of Vapers 2016 has risen to 3.5 million (including casual smokers). This pays off, as is the infographics of Statista and Technology Review. The industry achieved sales of up to 400 million euros this past year.

The functional principle of an electronic cigarette is simple: an aromatized, often nicotine-containing liquid - called e Liquid - is evaporated to smoke and inhaled. According to the e-cigarette advocates, this type of smoking is considerably healthier than traditional glow sticks. The VdeH, for example, introduces an English study, according to which the evaporation of e Liquids is 95% less harmful than normal smoking. Another argument of e-cigarette advocates is that they can help with tobacco cessation. A study by the Trinity College Dublin seems to confirm this thesis. Of over 3,000 e-cigarette smokers surveyed, 91.5 percent were tobacco smokers.

Less convinced by the advantages of electronic smoking, on the other hand, is the non-smoking action alliance. It is said that "E-cigarettes are harmful to health: with each train, the consumer inhales a mixture of chemicals from propylene glycol and / or glycerin, aromas and usually nicotine, the aerosol of some e-cigarettes investigated contains carcinogens, although the quantity of carcinogens is low, but there are no thresholds for carcinogen mixtures. " Even critics of the English study, which is so popular with VdeH, hold little. The German headquarters for addiction questions considers this to be inadequate and unsustainable according to current knowledge. It is certainly not disputed that e-cigarettes are less harmful to health, but the healthiest is certainly not to smoke.