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The risk of forgery of the authentic liquid

The risk of forgery of the authentic e liquid dekang

on November 9, 2012.

The scheme shows the possible risks for the purchase and acquisition of the e liquid of dubious origin, without any markings on the package or imitations of the original liquid Dekang. E Liquids Shop In Dublin :

E-liquid of dubious quality or forgery may contain:

What are the risks?

Authentic Dekang

Nicotine overdose    

Toxicological poisoning.

Strict control of dosing provides by the high-tech equipment and qualified staff.

Dangerous poisons, not purified nicotine. Nicotine is an active substance. In the manufacturing of home-made liquid for electronic cigarettes, it reacts with other components as a result of which new chemical compounds can form.

Toxicological poisoning, allergic response, lethal outcome.

Only purified nicotine in laboratory conditions, devoid of all impurities.

Technical or low-quality propylene glycol.

Degenerative processes in the kidneys, liver, blood vessels and the central nervous system, and also allergic response.

Only high-quality propylene glycol produced by DOW Chemical (USA).

Technical, not purified glycerin.

Toxicological poisoning, broken-down electronic cigarette atomizer.


Cheap artificial flavors.

Allergies and spasmodic cough, allergic response.

Only natural, safe for the human body extracts from plants, according to the international certification.

Not intended for use with food packaging, plastic of low quality. Propylene glycol and glycerin react with the plastic and form new compounds.

Allergic response.           Liquid acquires the taste of plastics.

While manufacturing plastic «PET» is used, it is considered to be the safest in the world, and resistant to propylene glycol.