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Experts disagree about exposure to e-vaping devices

According to health experts, the carrier fluid of e-cigarettes could promote cardiovascular disease. In addition, constituents of the liquid may change during heating. Many of the substances produced are suspected of producing cancer. However, the results of the research contradict each other, according to an expert. In addition, the constituents of the liquid may change chemically during heating. For example, so-called aldehydes can arise, many of which are suspected of producing cancer. As far as the health damage and benefits of e-cigarettes are concerned, much remains hidden under the fog of uncertainty. Above all, there is a lack of long-term studies. However, consensus amongst the experts is likely to be that the devices are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco products such as cigarettes.

This is mainly due to their functioning: Vape Freaks do not burn tobacco, they merely evaporate a liquid containing mostly nicotine, explains Ute Mons. She is head of the cancer prevention department at the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ in Heidelberg: "In conventional cigarettes it is also the case that tobacco is burned, causing several thousands of substances, which is a real poison mixture, and all these combustion products, which are produced only when burning tobacco and not with electronic cigarettes We can say at least: Compared to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are certainly less harmful to health, but they are certainly not completely harmless, because there are some substances that also have a certain potential hazard. " "Probably the greatest danger potential is from the aromas" The "liquids" that are introduced into the equipment consist of a carrier liquid, such as glycerol or propylene glycol. They often contain nicotine. This is partly responsible for the search effect and is increasingly suspected of promoting cardiovascular disease. However, the DKFZ expert assesses the third component in the liquids as particularly critical: "So we assume that the biggest threat potential is likely to be from the flavors, so the problem is that these liquids are often also mixed by the users themselves, and the threat potential then depends very much on what exactly the users Because together.

" Although most of the aromas are approved for use in food, Ute Mons says. But how they affect health, when they are inhaled as a fog, is still not explored in many cases. In addition, the constituents of the liquid may change chemically during heating. For example, so-called aldehydes can arise, many of which are suspected of producing cancer. The concentrations at which they are produced depends, among other things, on the temperature at which the liquids are evaporated. Because of the variety of liquids and equipment, it is therefore not easy to derive a general judgment: "In this respect, it is really very difficult to say how high the potential danger is, and so far there are also relatively many studies which do not yet reveal a clear picture, which partly also contradict themselves." There is also no consensus among the experts in another issue, namely, whether young people are brought to the consumption of nicotine and tobacco by the E Cig Tank Kits.

For this purpose the search expert Heino Stöver, professor at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences: "We have conducted a study on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, and have not been able to find any empirical evidence that e-cigarettes animate young people to a regular use of e-cigarettes." So this thesis of the entry or this gateway hypothesis It is called scientifically untenable. " E-cigarette popular means of weaning from smoking tobacco The typical steamer is between thirty and fifty years old, says Heino Stöver, has smoked for a long period of time and is now trying to give up his vice with the help of the e-cigarette: "This is not the royal road, the e-cigarette, but it can be a means, and it is already, as great studies in Europe report here, to give smokers, who have suffered for many years, another means to the hand Either to get out of the combustion cigarette or to just ascend to the e-cigarette, to steam. " At least for all those smokers who have failed other methods, the e-cigarette is therefore a very good means of tobacco cessation. About twenty-five percent of people in Ireland smoke, as well as every fourth. Compared to other European countries, such as Great Britain, this is a large number. There the electronic cigarette is propagated as a means to get the smokers away from the tobacco.