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The Europachef of the largest tobacco company in the world would advise its children of smoking

Everyone has a vice. And hardly a vice is as popular as cigarettes - and so harmful to health. Cigarette manufacturers have recognized that the trend is towards e vapor, and Fred de Wilde, Europachef of the world market leader Philip Morris, has recognized this and would like to put more strongly on e-cigarettes.

One would think that he is a big fan of the glow sticks - but his children would advise against smoking. In conversation with the  Wilde was asked if he would recommend his own children the e-pen Iqos. His answer: "If they were smokers, I would advise them immediately on the new product. If they were non-smokers, I would say, 'Do not start smoking at all.' "

E-cigarette as a "healthier" alternative

Currently the new e-cigarette is introduced by Philip Morris in Europe.The cigarette maker does not want to leave it. There will be more stores in "Top shopping streets.

E-cigarette offer a "healthier" alternative for smokers as they are less harmful than the conventional cigarette.

Another alternative is the tobacco evaporator, a product in which Philip Morris sees his future. The device works as follows: A filter cigarette with strongly pressed tobacco is heated in a pen to 300 degrees Celsius. Dr consumer breathes the tobacco vapor with the nicotine. A great advantage is that smoke, smell and ashes are eliminated. Moreover, the tobacco evaporator is less harmful than the classic cigarette.