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E-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco

Long was not clear whether and how unhealthy e vaping are. Combustion products do not exist in the smoking material, but harmful substances also develop here.

Smokers who smoke e cigarette consume a less harmful product than those who prefer the conventional variant of tobacco. "It can not be assumed that they are just as harmful as normal cigarettes," says Ute Mons, Department Head for Cancer Prevention at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, about the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

E Vaporizer are still hardly explored

Nevertheless, e-cigarettes are unhealthy because of the contained nicotine and aromas. The topic is highly controversial among researchers. In general, the long-term effects of electronic glow sticks are difficult to assess as many different types and additives are sold. It is clear that e-cigarettes are less carcinogenic to tobacco than cigarettes from tobacco - but what other consequences their consumption could have has not yet been explored.

"We can not say how much less harmful they are," Mons says about e pen. "But when burning the tobacco, there are incredibly many combustion products that are toxic and carcinogenic, which does not happen with the e-cigarette." The flavors contained in the liquid may cause other health hazards.
Passive smoking of e-cigarettes also hurts
Many believe that e-cigarettes are not dangerous. The fact that this is not true should be considered by parents, who smoke near their children. Because the electronic cigarettes contain not only just like the conventional variant nicotine, but also other dangerous substances. Acetaldehyde and acrolein, for example, irritate the skin and mucous membranes of children and harm the cilia in the respiratory tract. Many effects of e-cigarettes can not yet be estimated. ...