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E Cigarette ,Changning Dekang Biotechnology Co,. Ltd. is a leading high-tech company engaged in technological development of pharmaceutical production and sales of raw materials, plant extracts, food additives, feed additives and fine chemical products. Our parent company is located in the Chinese province of Yunnan Baoshan city Channin County. In the county of Channin, the highest point of elevation above sea level is located at an altitude of 2875.9 meters, the lowest - 608 meters. It belongs to the subtropical zone with a monsoon climate, average temperature 14.90C. The unique geographical environment and favorable temperatures contribute to the presence of rich deposits of natural and vegetable raw materials of the highest quality. These are exceptional natural conditions for production. The factory premises of the company covers 0.7 hectares. There are many sets of equipment made of stainless steel, designed for extraction and refining.

The daily production capacity reaches more than 20 tons. dekng_productionThe company, since its inception, has consistently established strategic partnerships with many scientific institutions and research institutions. Building on the rich technical resources, research institutions provided the company's strong technical assurance in production and research in the development of new products. With the full support of government agencies at all levels of Yunnan Province, to date the company has a modernized enterprise, having advanced production facilities and an independent research center. The company has first-class management personnel having advanced management ideas and an outstanding innovative spirit. All of our academic employees have master's degrees or higher.

The branch in Shenzhen has a "very clean shops" class 100, 000, corresponding to the list of requirements specified as the international standard GMP (good manufacturing practice-GMP) for pharmaceutical companies, and also features a variety of dust collection systems, which allows for strict quality control on all stages of production. This is where the extraction of the raw materials supplied from the parent company are fully tested, and after the ingrediants are distributed in the desired proportions in a "very clean shop," the products are packaged.