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EirHorse Platinum Starter Kit Review

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Finally, our first review comes to EirHorse E-Cigarette. The reputation of this brand rushes ahead. EirHorse starter set was tested. Let's see if you meet your reputation. EirHorse Platinum Starter Kit

Scope of delivery in the EirHorse Platinum Starter Kit:

1 x EirHorse EVOD 900 mAh
1 x Eirhorse Clearomizer
5 x Clearomizer Heads (Coils) 1.8 Ohm BVC
1 x USB charger
1 x powerplug
E Cigarette PlatinumE Cigarette Platinum

The e-cigarette of 4 components. Battery, base, evaporator and tank with interchangeable mouthpiece. EirHorse Platinum is relatively long for an e-cigarette of the Pen / Stick series. With a total length of approximately 16.3 cm, it is the longest e-cigarette we have ever been able to test. The diameter of the base is 1.5 cm but relatively thin. EirHorse Platinium Composition

The Clearomizer from EirHorse:

EirHorse Clearomizer The so-called glassomizer is actually just a normal clearomizer. Good for the EirHorse Platinum model is, however, it is transparent to the Clearomizer. So you can always check the exact liquid level in the device, even if the light conditions are just not so good. The container with interchangeable mouthpiece has a length of 65 mm and is thus relatively large. This can be viewed as unwieldy or can be felt by the long draft tube, and the cooling associated therewith. Whether the Clearomizer is 100%. After the sounds of the tap with the metal and the optical appearance.


EirHorse Platinum Clearomizer When activating this is the only way to get the best. With the
EirHorse Platinum Clearomizers with 1.8 Ohm resistance, however, neither the steam nor the crackling or bubbling of the steam. All in all the unit and the evaporator is very powerful and yet balanced.

The EirHorse EVOD- PowerBattery:

The EVOD battery has a total length of 102 mm (with thread) and a battery capacity of 900 mAh. The battery has no voltage or voltage regulation. The operating voltage is 4.2 volts, which also explains the good steam output.

As with other models, the base is also a necessary connecting element between the battery and the evaporator / tank unit. It has the 2 openings for the airflow to the Clearomizer and 3 threads for the battery, the evaporator and the connection to the tank.

Conclusion on the EirHorse Platinum Starter Kit

The EirHorse Platinum Starter Kit offers an e-cigarette which impresses both visually and by its performance. Although there are e-cigarettes of other series (e.g., Boxmod), the platinum is a highly recommended model. Post-flow problems only occur with very viscous liquids. When it's time for the EVOD / EVOD 2, it's a little tricky. The taste experience as well as the aroma is above average good. The Platinum is a very long device that reminds very much of the fume cigarette (or smiffy's), the cigarette holders from the 20's. With its simple yet elegant look, it revives the charms of past times at parties. Due to its length and strong steam development, it is really not a device with which one can hide. Inconspicuousness is wrong here. And the question arises anyway if you would like to hide with this beautiful designer model at all.

The platinum consumes a lot of liquid. The 1.7 ml tank is exhausted in no time. Therefore, it is always recommended to have liquid for refilling. As an e-cigarette for beginners, I can not recommend it. The scope of delivery is just a matter of time and effort. The Platinum is a highly recommended device to replace the existing device,